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Maths and Physics activities at a theme park. Has some history of rides eg Eli Wheel, physics quiz and links to other roller coaster sites.

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Making Maths: Clinometer

Use a clinometer to measure the height of trees, buildings, flag poles and other tall objects. Here's a simple activities to make your own.

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Khan Academy

An impressive collection of simple and clearly explained video tutorials about a range of physics topics (as well as maths, chemistry and more) suitable for secondary school level students. Make ...

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The pendulum lab

Applets showing pendulum motion. Applets suitable for an advanced school student but the maths is higher level.

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How do you block a penalty kick?

How fast do you have to be to stop a penalty kick in football? Rhett Allain does the maths.

Visit How do you block a penalty kick?



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Mathematical Thinking in Physics

Great collection of problems that require a bit of physics, maths and thinking to solve

Visit Mathematical Thinking in Physics



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Coriolis Force

A definition of the Coriolis force including maths from Eric Weisstein's World of Physics.

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SUPERSTRINGS! String theory tutorial

A guide to string theory - this site tries to make this accessible without the maths.

Visit SUPERSTRINGS! String theory tutorial



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Pizza physics (New York-style) - Colm Kelleher

An animated pizza slices tells you how to keep cheese and tomato sauce off your face using physics and maths.

Visit Pizza physics (New York-style) - Colm Kelleher



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