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Doping Of Semiconductors

The addition of a small percentage of foreign atoms in the regular crystal lattice of silicon or germanium produces dramatic changes in their electrical properties.

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Max Theodor Felix von Laue

Biography of Max von Laue (1879 -1960), who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1914 for his discovery of the diffraction of X-rays on crystals.

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Streamlines Indicate Liquid Flow

A clear definition of a streamline.

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Wilhelm Rontgen

Wilhelm Rontgen (1845 - 1913) first work was on the specific heats of gases and the thermal conductivity of crystals.

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Bottlinger's Rings

A short description and images of Bottlinger's Rings, an effect caused by sunlight bouncing off ice crystals looking down at clouds.

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Bragg's Law and Diffraction

Bragg's Law and diffraction - how waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals. Includes an applet, detailed notes and many diagrams and graphs.

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A Flash Freeze, In High-Def

A look at how liquid can be supercooled and suddenly frozen.

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Sir Lawrence Bragg

Sir William Lawrence Bragg (1870 - 1971) and his father (Henry) founded a new branch of science of the greatest importance and significance, the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays.

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The Xtal Set Society

A site dedicated to building and experimenting with radio electronics, mainly through the use of the crystal set. Information about the society, kits to buy, projects to make, books, tips for science ...

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Henry's Law

When a gas is in contact with the surface of a liquid, the amount of the gas which will go into solution is proportional to the partial pressure of that gas.

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