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Remote Glow Discharge Experiment

Take control of a plasma experiment over the internet and see how pressure, electric field strength and magnetic field all affect it.

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SciDev.Net is a free-access, Internet-based network devoted to reporting on and discussing those aspects of modern science and technology that are relevant to sustainable development and the social ...

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The Naked Scientists

A group of scientists who use radio, live lecture and the internet to promote science. The site contains podcasts of radio shows, interviews, archived Q&A and much more.

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Put a small sensor in your shoe when you go for a run and the Nike+ system will record your speed, the distance you’ve covered, how many calories you’ve burnt and more. An example of the internet ...

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2012: Why the world won't end

NASA responds to internet rumours that the world will end in 2012. Phew.

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About Fusion!

This is what The Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX) is all about! The following pages, are full of information on Fusion and Fusion Power, and will help you dive into the basic ...

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The Nobel Prize Internet Archive

An overview of the Nobel Prize awards and a list of all the prizes given. There are also external links giving more information on prize winners. This is a good all round site which is easy to use.

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The YUCKIEST Site on the Internet

A site dedicated to the 'yucky' aspects of the world around us. This site has lots of 'disgusting science' entries. As well as information on cockroaches and worms, there are links to many other, ...

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The Internet Classics Archive, On Generation and Corruption by Aristotle

A complex philosophy site based on the writings of Aristotle, the four main elements, Earth, Wind Fire and Water and the nature of matter. Suitable for Philosophy/Physics students

Visit The Internet Classics Archive, On Generation and Corruption by Aristotle



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Molecules: Nature's Building Blocks

Aresource that links to many sites about atoms, molecules and DNA. The "internet field trip" sites are very good - well thought out contextual links.

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