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Simple AC Circuits

Java Applet simulating the current-voltage relationships for a resistor, capacitor or inductor connected to an AC source.

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What is current?

A short guide to currents in circuits. It answers what is current and how do we measure it.

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Electric Resonance

Resonance in AC circuits implies a special frequency determined by the values of the resistance, capacitance and inductance.

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Physics Tutorials Menu

A tutorials page aimed at 15+ students. Covering SHM, free body diagrams, dc circuits and a few other areas. There are also some simulations.

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A Rough guide to electronics

A useful introduction to electronics, covering circuits, resistors, capacitors and semi conductors and explaining all the relevant principles.

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Mains electricity - GCSE Bitesize

Includes info about wiring a plug, earthing, fuses, circuit breakers and AC and DC current.

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Ohm's law

A picture of a circuit in which you can change the resistance and voltage. You can see the result of your adjustment on a digital voltmeter, and millimeter. Includes a statement and description of ...

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Ridiculously Sensitive Charge Detector

Using a Field Effect Transistor (FET) to detect external electric fields. A circuit is built and tested.

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Introductory physics course without calculus

This represents a course delivering Electrostatics, Magnetism, DC Circuits, Light and some problems.This could be a useful resource to the right person - probably an adult wanting to learn about ...

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For a given circuit element, the admittance is just the reciprocal of the impedance.

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