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Pendulum Java Applet

The animation is of a simple pendulum. It's length, the acceleration due to gravity and the starting point of the oscillation can be changed.

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7th Stone Mathematica - Ideas in Science

This site provides a wide array of multimedia activities on Waves, Vectors, Gravity, Algebra, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Statistics and Astronomy !

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Fluid gravity and applied electromagnetics

A company collaborating in university research projects, mainly looking at the effect of blast shockwaves on structures. Offers modeling software and video clips.

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The Recession of the Moon

Article covering various areas including the basic physics of gravity and tides and the history of theoretical models for tides.

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Black Holes: What Happens to a Star When It Dies

A star exists in a delicate balance between the crushing force of gravity, on the one hand, and the push of incredibly hot gases on the other.

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Gravity-Assist Orbit

Planetary exploration vessels like Voyager I and Voyager II made use of propulsion maneuvers which gained energy from the planets and moons they passed.

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Simple pendulum

A java animation that shows a pendulum moving with plots for kinetic and potential energy. Mass, length, gravity and period can be adjusted

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What is Microgravity?

Read a description of what microgravity is and why it isn't the same as zero gravity.

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The Altimetry Atlas

This site makes available mean sea surface and gravity anomaly maps of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, computed from satellite altimeter data gathered by satellite.

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Simple Pendulum simulator. Users can vary amplitude, mass, length and gravity of the system to see how it changes the time it takes the pendulum to swing (period).

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