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Spacetime Wrinkles

A series of articles about relativity specifically about recent research. Includes movies (QuickTime) and sound.

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A More Practical Arrangement

Looks at the use of inertial coordinates in special relativity, with light propagating isotropically and c independent of the source's motion.

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General study site with chat facility and the ability to ask professional tutors for help.




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Stay Afloat

A version of the hangman game based on general questions which include some physics material.

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Deriving Inter Kinematic Relations for Accel-ID

A brief but detailed article looking at special relativity by using 'proper acceleration' to eliminate the need to start with Lorentz Transformations.

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MadSci Network

Scientists respond to questions posed by students and general public. Use the search function to find whatever you're after.

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International Numerical Relativity Group.

Resources and information on group projects, members, publications, collaborations, and more.

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The Inertia of Twins

A discussion of three paradoxes associated with the theory of relativity: the barn pole, super-luminal scissors and the twins.

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7th Stone Mathematica - Ideas in Science

This site provides a wide array of multimedia activities on Waves, Vectors, Gravity, Algebra, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Statistics and Astronomy !

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Imaginary Explanations

The peculiar aspects of quantum spin measurements in EPR-type experiments can be regarded as a natural extension of the principle of special relativity. This article looks at the mathematics of this ...

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