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Reflection of Light

Explains law of reflection including interactive Java tutorials. Links to ideas of fluorescence, diffraction, polarization, scattering and virtual microscopy.

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What DNA Actually Looks Like

An electron microscope has successfully imaged a single strand of DNA.

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Youngs Double Slit Experiment

One of the most important experiments of wave theory is that of Young's double slits. It is a clear example of the diffraction of light conducted with essentially basic scientific equipment.

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What Does A Bee Look Like When It’s Magnified 3000 Times?

A collection of scanning electron microscope pictures of bees.

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An Introduction to AES

Auger Electron Spectroscopy is a popular technique for determining the composition of the top few layers of a surface.

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The Physics of Light and Color

An in depth guide to light, optics and colour, covering wave particle duality, reflection, refraction, waves, diffraction, polarisation, birefringence, colour temperature, human perception and more.


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VSEPR help page

The valence shell electron pair repulsion model to predict structures of molecules and ions

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Maurice Wilkins

Maurice Wilkins (1916 - ) work focused on the X-ray diffraction studies of DNA. The discovery of the well-defined patterns led to the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA.

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Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation

Comprehensive website about analytical chemistry methods and instrumentation, including chromatography, spectometry, spectroscopy and diffraction.

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Selection Rules for Electron Transitions

Simple exploration of the relativistic energy equation. Part of a larger site which includes many definitions and links.

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