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Why don't electrons just fall into the nucleus of an atom?

The weird world of quantum mechanics explains the reason why the electron which is negatively charged doesn't fall into the positive nucleus.

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Leo Szilard

Leo Szilard (1898 - 1964) ideas included the linear accelerator, cyclotron, electron microscope, and nuclear chain reaction. Equally important was his insistence that scientists accept moral ...

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James Franck

James Franck (1881 - 1964) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1925 along with Gustav Hertz for their discovery of the laws governing the impact of an electron upon an atom.

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Refraction of Light

Covers the law of refraction including interactive Java tutorials. Links to ideas of fluorescence, diffraction, polarization, reflection, scattering, and Virtual microscopy (Virtual scanning electron ...

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Neutron Degeneracy

Neutron degeneracy is a stellar application of the Pauli Exclusion Principle, as is electron degeneracy. No two neutrons can occupy identical states, even under the pressure of a collapsing star of ...

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Sir Joseph John Thomson

Sir Joseph John Thomson (1856 - 1940) most important work was his original study of cathode rays culminating in the discovery of the electron.

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History of Physics Exhibits

Online exhibits including Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radioactivity, the History of the Transistor, Albert Einstein, the Discovery of the Electron; Heisenberg, and Sakharov.

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Vacuum Tubes

The conduction of electricity in thin gases in vacuum tubes was the key to the discovery of the electron in 1897.Description of the discovery of Cathode rays.

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Absorption and Emission

Taking the electron transitions associated with visible and ultraviolet interactions with matter as an example, absorption of a photon will occur only when the quantum energy of the photon precisely ...

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Davisson-Germer Experiment

This experiment demonstrated the wave nature of the electron, confirming the earlier hypothesis of deBroglie. Putting wave-particle duality on a firm experimental footing, it represented a major step ...

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