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National Grid Education

A great site that gives information on how we create electricity and how it gets to where it needs to be

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Ohm's law

Basics of electrostatics and properties of electricity. Ohm's Law and basic circuitry used to see the effect of resistance on current.

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Basic Circuits

A starter guide to electricity and the basics needed for UK GCSE level.

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Renewable energy - from sunlight to electricity

Instructions on how to make a solar cell ribena and other equipment.

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Red and Green Electricity

A simple demonstration of charge transfer on contact - very clearly explained using coloured plastic.

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Physics in the sink: Dancing water

Wield the power of static electricity in this experiment to try at home.

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Hair-raising Science (Static Electricity)

Have you ever walked across a carpet and gotten a shock when you touched a doorknob?

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The science of nondestructive testing

A great resource covering the basics of electricity, magnetism, X-rays and sound.

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This is a glossary. For each item the definition becomes progressively more sophisticated, making it a useful resource for a wide range of users.

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Piezoelectric Effect

Notes with clear diagrams of the theory of piezo electricity. Links through to related topics.

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