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How Do Microwaves Cook?

This site gives a brief but detailed description of how a microwave oven cooks food.

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Cosmic Rays

Information on the high energy radiation which strikes the Earth from space.

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Faraday Cage

A demonstration of how a sieve can stop microwaves, preventing butter from melting inside a microwave oven.

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Seeking the Cosmic Dawn

A look at the results from BICEP2 detector in the south pole which gives evidence for inflation happening at the start of the universe.

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Info on microwaves. While there are some radar bands from 1,300 to 1,600 MHz, most microwave applications fall in the range 3,000 to 30,000 MHz (3-30 GHz).

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Superheating - How Things Work

Some questions and answers relating to superheating in a microwave oven.

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Exploding water

In this video mythbusters find out how likely it is that you could superheat water in your own microwave.

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CCMR - Ask a Scientist

Scientists from Cornell University answer questions on everything from why you can't put metal in a microwave to why gravity is called gravity.

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Cosmic Evolution

This is a fantastic site that covers more than just physics and tracks the history of our universe right from its beginnings. It has lots of information but also movies to watch and teacher resources.

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Dark energy - A problem of cosmic proportions

Three experiments are trying to figure out what is dark matter.

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