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Definition and links to related topics.

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What's the Cosmic Microwave Background?

A brief article on how polarisation affects the CMB which led to the discovery of gravitational waves.

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See the universe in range of wavelengths from gamma rays to radio waves.

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The first fractions of a second after the Big Bang

A great description of the Planck mission to study the first seconds of the universe which we can now see as the cosmic microwave background.

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Information on the electromagnetic radiation from the nucleus as a part of a radioactive process.

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Seeking the Cosmic Dawn

A look at the results from BICEP2 detector in the south pole which gives evidence for inflation happening at the start of the universe.

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X-ray imaging

A brief overview of how x-rays are used in medicine and forms part of teachers resources for medical physics.

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The science of nondestructive testing

A great resource covering the basics of electricity, magnetism, X-rays and sound.

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Refraction and Reflection

Java applet demonstrating Snell's law showing both reflected and refracted light rays.

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Cosmic Evolution

This is a fantastic site that covers more than just physics and tracks the history of our universe right from its beginnings. It has lots of information but also movies to watch and teacher resources.

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