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Reaction Times

An applet which allows the user to see how a car stops given certain braking conditions.

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Keeping your tires stuck to the ground

A text heavy article on the role tyres play in car racing.

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Car Crash Example

What are the forces acting on a car in a crash?

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How Google's Self-Driving Car Works

The secrets behind the car that drives itself.

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Centrifugal Force

The driver of a car on a curve is in a rotating reference frame and they could use "centrifugal" force to explain why a mug and the carton of eggs on the seat beside them tend to slide sideways.

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The zero-fatality car

This interactive shows the latest safety technologies from pedestrian detection to adaptive cruise control.

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Google's driverless car

Would you trust a car that drives itself? The TED video shows Google's driverless car in action.

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Auto Stopping Distance

Explanation of how to calculate the stopping distance for a car and the factors involved.

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How Power Door Locks Work

A brief description of how Power Door Locks work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's Explains how car door locks work.

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DARPA Urban Challenge

Computer driven car competition

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