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Why do bubbles have colour?

A page explaining where bubbles get their iridescent colour from.

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The deadly side of champagne bubbles

The story on how did champagne got its bubbles.

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Rainbows in Soap Bubbles

Why do you see rainbows in soap bubbles or on oil and water? Explanation of thin film interference from

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Guinness bubbles video

Do the bubbles in a freshly poured pint of guinness really sink? Have a look at this video to see for yourself.

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Antigravity Chamber

A free fall experiement using video

Visit Antigravity Chamber



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The Science of Champagne Bubbles

Find out the science behind champagne bubbles from where do they come from and where the pop sound comes from.

Visit The Science of Champagne Bubbles



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Acoustic Illusion

Anechoic chamber designed with boxes and straws

Visit Acoustic Illusion



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Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.

Allows you to perform gas law experiments including density / molecular weight variations. A very good site for demonstrating variables in the gas laws.

Visit Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.



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Internet History

A comprehensive page on the history of the internet, from its beginnings to the world wide web, the dotcom bubble and more.

Visit Internet History



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The Fizzics of Guinness

Video about the physics of Guinness, from the falling bubbles to why is the head on beers white.

Visit The Fizzics of Guinness



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