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The structure of an atom

A simple page on atomic structure. Aimed at GCSE level, but suitable for anyone.

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Atomic Physics

This site gives an overview of the physics of the atom through a series of links to relevant articles.

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Exploring the universal glue

The strong force holds atoms together but it's very complicated and not well understood. This article looks at the problems and current research trying to find the solutions.

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Photon Absorption

Explanation of the absorption of photons in an hydrogen atom and its energy levels. Use of the Bohr and Rydberg equations.

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Quanta and atoms - the elementary approach

Designed by students as part of the ThinkQuest competition, this site provides a teaching course on three levels explaining the atomic and quantum world.

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Doping Of Semiconductors

The addition of a small percentage of foreign atoms in the regular crystal lattice of silicon or germanium produces dramatic changes in their electrical properties.

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Why is glass transparent?

How is it that something so solid like glass lets light pass through. It's all due to the space in between the atoms.

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Teleportation breaks new ground

Articlein physicsworld covering the first quantum teleportation of atoms in 2004.

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Electron Configurations Java Applet

Chemistry really but shows how electron shells are filled up in atoms

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Half life is the amount of time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample to decay. Find out more here.

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