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The Air Is There (Air and Temperature)

What will happen to the bounciness of a ball if you cool it down or heat it up? Includes suggested learning outcomes and links for teachers.

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Hindenburg (LZ-119)

At 803.8 feet in length, the German passenger airship Hindenburg (LZ-119) was the largest aircraft ever to fly. The commercial flights of Hindenburg, along with Graf Zeppelin, pioneered the first ...

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Adiabatic versus Diabatic Process in Metrology

An ADIABATIC process deals with the changing temperature of a parcel of air due to rising or sinking the air. The DIABATIC process on the other hand is changing the temperature of a parcel of air ...

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Air Friction

Air friction, or air drag, is an example of fluid friction.

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Transparency Of A Medium

You can see for many miles through clear air and a clear piece of glass obviously is transparent to the wavelengths of visible light.

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Madgeburg Hemispheres

300 years ago, Otto von Guericke arranged a demonstration in Magdeburg, Germany to demonstrate the air pump which he had invented. He made two hemispherical iron vessels which could be put together ...

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This link has been reported hyperphysics

Relative Humidity

The amount of water vapor in the air at any given time is usually less than that required to saturate the air. The relative humidity is the percent of saturation humidity, generally calculated in ...

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A common device which makes use of the Bernoulli principle is the aspirator. Attach it to a tap and watch how the flow of water can suck air out of an object attached to the other end!

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What BEC looks like

What does a Bose-Einstein condensate look like - well it looks like a dense little lump in the bottom of the magnetic trap/bowl; kind of like a drop of water condensing out of damp air onto a cold ...

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Speed Of Sound

Short page of information on the speed of sound in air and some other gases.

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