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Red Supergiant Star

A star of 15 solar masses exhausts its hydrogen in about one-thousandth the lifetime of our sun.

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Spectrum Physlet

Applet displays the different sequences of lines that make up the hydrogen spectrum.

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Red Giant

For stars of less than 4 solar masses, hydrogen burn-up at the center triggers expansion to the red giant phase.

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Visit An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules



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Hydrogen Recombination Spectrum

Information regarding the movement of electrons between energy levels and the expected emission line spectrum.

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A Question of Scale

From smaller than an atom to the size of the Universe in 41 steps. Pictures with descriptions at each level.

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Ionizing Radiation

Ionization is the ejection of one or more electrons from an atom or molecule to produce a fragment with a net positive charge.

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Bubble Chamber

Device for detecting charged particles and other radiation by means of tracks of bubbles left in a chamber filled with liquid hydrogen or other liquefied gas.

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Kids chemistry website, covering atoms, matter, reactions and more. With information and quizzes

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How to make a Jedi lightsaber

An in-depth look at the physics behind trapping light in ultra cold atoms.

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