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Virtual billiards Java Applet

2-dimensional collisions with variable velocity billiard balls

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The Cannon

This JAVA applet simulates projectile motion - fire a canon and change the angle and initial velocity.

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Multimedia Physics Studios: The Stoplight

Shows, by means of simple animation the velocity time graph for two cars.

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Coulomb force vs velocity

Shows the animated effect of increasing the kinetic energy and/or the charge of two particles as they approach each other.

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Projectiles and Newton

The "cannon on the mountaintop" thought experiment with user input of velocity data. There is a link to the background lecture notes.

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The science of ice skating

A page explaining how figure skaters are able to perform rotating jumps, covering angular momentum, take off velocity, projectile motion etc.

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Gravitational Fields

A good revision page for UK A Level, covers topics such as field strength and shapes, potential energy and escape velocity.

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Earth Satellites

Simulation showing orbit, velocity and eccentricity of an Earth satellite.

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Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity. Definition and links.

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The momentum of a particle is defined as the product of its mass times its velocity. It is a vector quantity.

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