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Work, energy and power

Well thought out US High school site with good use of interactive questions and a useful revision summary of parts of College Level mechanics covered in physics.

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7th Stone Mathematica - Ideas in Science

This site provides a wide array of multimedia activities on Waves, Vectors, Gravity, Algebra, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Statistics and Astronomy !

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The Physics of golf

Mechanics and dynamics as applied to golf including the different equipment and playing techniques used during the game, as well as other conditions such as wind/air resistance.

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Physics Flash Animations

A simply presented but comprehensive list of flash simulations, covering everything from classical mechanics to tutorials on relativity.

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Elements as Atoms

Many of the ideas of quantum mechanics which went into the model of the hydrogen atom can also be used to understand helium, oxygen, copper and iron - in fact all of the elements.

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Animations, film clips and interactive tutorials on physics concepts, covering mechanics, waves and sound, and electricity and magnetism. Great for self study or revision for undergraduate students.

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Contributions of Physics to the Information Age

This is site highlights some of the areas that physics has impacted on our daily lives, covering: Quantum Mechanics, Computers, The Transistor, The Web , & Lasers.

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General Physics Laboratory

A series of pages linked to a mechanics course at the University of Kentucky. The material is tied to a textbook and includes Java applets. The site is designed for students to work through, at ...

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What is Physics?

An overview defining physics and summarising the history of physics from early mechanics to quantum theory.

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NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory

Useful simulations (applets) on various Physics topics including mechanics, dynamics, waves, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, light, and optics with links to other sites.

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