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Electric Resonance

Resonance in AC circuits implies a special frequency determined by the values of the resistance, capacitance and inductance.

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Rutherford's demonstration

An animated representation of the famous alpha-particle scattering demonstration. You can adjust the frequency of arrival of the particles and observe which make it through and which rebound.

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Lead-Lag Frequency Response

One of the most common representations of dynamic coupling between two variables x and y is the "lead-lag" transfer function, which is based on the ordinary first-order differential equation

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DC generator action

A diagram showing a dc generator working, on which the frequency of ration is adjustable. The results are seen on an analogue meter, and an oscilloscope screen. Useful description of the commutator.

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Interference of Sinusoidal Waveforms

A little program to show the product of interference of 2 waves. The simulation allows the user to vary the wave amplitude and frequency. This is a good very simple to use tool!

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Three Dimensional Wave 1

A Java applet of a wave where you can adjust its wavelength, frequency, and amplitude by clicking on the drop down list in the upper left corner, and then selecting one of the choices which appear.

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Heterodyne Principle

Heterodyning is a method for transferring a broadcast signal from its carrier to a fixed local intermediate frequency in the receiver so that most of the receiver does not have to be retuned when you ...

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Crossover Network

Most loudspeakers use multiple drivers and employ crossover networks to route the appropriate frequency ranges to the different drivers.

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RLC Resonance Circuit

Java applet demonstrating a RLC resonance circuit where the resistance, capacitance and inductance are change along with the frequency.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Picture of EM spectrum, with wavelength and frequency scale. Chart shows pictorial representation of size of wavelength and EM wave sources.

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