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Articles on electricity

A thorough and passionate clarification of the many misconceptions in electrical study which arise at school. Ideal for non-specialist staff who are not too sure what "electricity" actually is.

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The Resistor Guide

A complete reference about electrical resistors. This site contains information and facts about resistors, varistors, potentiometers, thermistors and more

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The Electronics Workshop

An introduction to basic electronic components. There is a glossary of common electronic terminology and tables of data of electrical quantities.

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Power house

An interactive website allowing the user to check the energy consumption and cost (in Canadian currency) of using a range of domestic electrical appliances. Requires Shockwave plug-in

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A simple guide to electrical circuits.

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How Fax Machines Work: The Basic Idea

Fax machines scan your document and convert this into an electrical signal to be sent down a telephone line - but how does this work?

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Electrical Pulses Could Make Better Wine

Electricity can be used to extract more up to 30% more juice from grapes to make wine.

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How electric guitar pickups work

HowStuffWorks article on electric guitars and how they use magnetic coils to translate sound into an electrical signal.

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Charles Augustin de Coulomb

Charles Augustin de Coulomb (1736 - 1806) developed a theory of attraction and repulsion between bodies of the same and opposite electrical charge.

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