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Death of the Universe

Brian Cox describes how stars will eventually turn into black dwarves.

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What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?

The answer to the question of what would happen to an object if it fell in to a hole straight through the Earth.

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Bob Miller's Light Walk

An online exhibit and a set of activities to do with light and shadows. An explanation of how images are formed when light passes through a hole. Fairly low level physics but with general interest ...

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Explorescience: Golf Range

This activity lets you study the projectile range equation in a "golf" like setting. Vary the velocity and angle of the ball to get a hole in one. Add air resistance for more of a challenge. Could ...

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How tails help a kite to fly

Build your very own kite and use it to investigate how tails help kites fly. You will need paper, scissors, tape, hole punch, 2x drinking straws, string, a ruler, a paper clip and a plastic bag.

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The Science of Ozone Depletion

A thorough site covering all aspects of ozone depletion from the background science to the myths to images of the Antarctic hole.

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Wien's Displacement Law

Describes Wien's Displacement Law and the relationship between wavelength and temperature for black body radiation.

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Cosmic Background Radiation

A uniform background radiation in the microwave region of the spectrum is observed in all directions in the sky. It shows the wavelength dependence of a "black body" radiator at about 3 Kelvins ...

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TV Screens

This site gives an in depth explanation of how televisions work and how TV screens display images (both colour and black and white). The site also includes information on Liquid Crystal Displays ...

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Color And Stellar Temperature

Dealing with black body radiation and stellar temperature to show the relationship between colour and temperature. Also how temperature is dependant on the energy emitted.

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