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Andrei Sakharov

Comprehensive biography of Andrei Sakharov (1911 - 1989) focusing on his work on the hydrogen bomb for the Soviet Union.

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The Manhattan Project

A set of sources for information on the Manhattan Project. Biographies of scientists, photographs of bomb blasts and victims, and audio clips.

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Edward Teller

Edward Teller (1908 - ) made a major contribution to the development of the atomic bomb.

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Owen Chamberlain

Nobel laureate Owen Chamberlain (1910 - ) joined the Manhattan Project, the U.S. Government organization for the construction of the atomic bomb during in 1941.

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The Oppenheimer Affair

Information on nuclear weapons and war. Biographies of scientists, photographs of bomb blasts and victims, and audio clips. Specifically the Oppenheimer Affair is considered on this link

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Splitting the Atom

A summary of James Chadwick's career.

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The Andrei Sakharov Foundation

Andrei Sakharov (1911 - 1989) universally known as the father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. In 1957 his concern with the radioactive hazards of nuclear testing inspired him to write a pioneering ...

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A Question of Scale

From smaller than an atom to the size of the Universe in 41 steps. Pictures with descriptions at each level.

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Ionizing Radiation

Ionization is the ejection of one or more electrons from an atom or molecule to produce a fragment with a net positive charge.

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