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Interference of Light Waves

Animated diagrams of two superposing transverse waves and their resultant. Wavelength, phase and amplitude are adjustable. Uses the word "interference" instead of "superposition".

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Elementary Einstein: Gravitational waves

The basics of gravitational waves explained in simple terms.

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Gravitational waves

Short article about gravitational waves and how they might be detected, including by the LISA mission.

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Longitudinal Waves

Simple details on transverse and longitudinal waves including diagrams.

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Light Waves and Color

A collection of physics lessons about light waves and colour

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Gravitational Waves

A great explainer about gravitational waves, how they are formed and how we are trying to detect them.

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Gravitational Waves - Einstein's elusive children

Short article on the hunt for gravitational waves - distortions or the warping of the very fabric of space-time, which Einstein described as different aspects of reality itself.

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Sound Waves and Music

A tutorial from the Physics Classroom that clearly explains the nature, properties and behaviour of sound waves and music, with good animations.


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Light Waves and Colour

Useful information driven site which provides details on both how light can be considered a wave and the relationship between waves and colour.

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The Transmission of Waves through Dense media -- Reflection and Refraction

Ths animation shows how waves are reflected and refracted at the boundary between two media. The media can be changed and the speed of the animation also.

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