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Wave parts

Allows students to look at descriptions of amplitude, wavelength and frequency on a sinusoidal wave. A diagram accompanies each description.

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The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

Detailed descriptions of the submillimetre wavelength, Hawaii based, telescope and the experimental work being done with it

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Double Slit Interference

A java applet to investigate Young's fringes slit width can be varied as can wavelength. Shows wavefronts.

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Wave interference

Java applet showing constructive and destructive interference between two longitudinal waves, the wavelength and amplitude of each of which can be altered by the user.

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Photo Effect

The site is an interactive page to study the photoelectric effect on different materials (sodium, cesium and silver) by changing the wavelength and the intensity of the light.

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Three Dimensional Wave 1

A Java applet of a wave where you can adjust its wavelength, frequency, and amplitude by clicking on the drop down list in the upper left corner, and then selecting one of the choices which appear.

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Brehmsstrahlung Radiation

Detailed description of Bremsstrahlung, includes a graph illustrating intensity/wavelength relationship. Part of a larger site which includes many definitions and links.

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Diffraction of light

Historical background and online tutorials on diffraction in which you can vary wavelength and aperture width, and see the results as wave fronts, and as an intensity graph. Explanations include the ...

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Doppler shift

An explanation of Doppler shift, which occurs when the light emitted by a moving star for example changes wavelength (known as redshift or blueshift).

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The region just below the visible in wavelength is called the near ultraviolet. It is absorbed very strongly by most solid substances, and even absorbed appreciably by air.

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