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Star Journey

Journey through the stars, view the nighttime sky using the star chart, with overlays of Hubble Space Telescope images. Visit the Star Attractions highlights of the heavens or take a look at the ...

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Jim's Hubble Telescope Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery with forty of the most remarkable images of outer space from the Hubble Space telescope.

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NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy

Two spy satellites were donated to NASA that are as good as the Hubble

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Astronomy and astrophysics on the Web

Links to various telescopes, eg radio, GLAST and other astronomy resources.

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Sun Lab

Nine short videos covering the basic science of the Sun and solar storms. Also view up-to-date images from some of NASA's best solar space telescopes.

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Optics for Kids

With a series of questions and answers the site takes the user from basic light principles to lenses in glasses and telescopes, and lasers. There are useful links and an optics glossary.

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Fun Science gallery

Here you will find instructions showing you how to build scientific equipments from relatively cheap materials. Projects include instructions for making telescopes, microscopes, batteries, sidereal ...

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The Digitized Sky Survey

The Digitized Sky Survey comprises a set of all-sky photographic surveys in E, V, J, R and N bands conducted with the Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes.

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How SETI Works

A brief description of how SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, works with the help of radio telescopes. This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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ESO homepage

Homepage of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), builds and operates a suite of the world's most advanced ground-based astronomical telescopes. Many pages of specific interest including press ...

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