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IMAGE - Auroral science

Information about the earth's magnetic field, solar wind, the magnetosphere, Van Allen belts and space weather from NASA's IMAGE mission.

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1859's "Great Auroral Storm"—the week the Sun touched the earth

A wonderful description of what happened to telegraph stations during extreme space weather Carrington Event in 1859.

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Weather radar

A quick introduction to the use of radar for weather forecasting.

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A taste of Solar Maximum

Read how NASA is watching the space weather from the sun as the solar maximum approaches.

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Listen as Solar Flare Engulfs Radio Waves

Listen the sound a solar flare makes and other read answers to questions on space weather.

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NASA Kids' Club

Interested in space? Current news on Space Shuttle missions, info on space technology, history, and space related activities for children. web awards 2010 winner

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History of Space Science and Astronomy

The History of Space Science and Astronomy includes a huge amount of information on: The Millennium - A Space and Astronomy Timeline; Man-in-Space Firsts ; Space Factoids

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Covers a large amount of information on space and space related topics - both recent news and archive.




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BBC - Space exploration

A portal with loads of information about space missions, research, space travel and more.

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Space Day

Includes a vast amount of information regarding space, space exploration and associated topics.

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