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Pedal Power [PDF]

Jon Clarke explains how cyclists can use physics to explain certain limitations to their performance and to get the best out it's all about power.

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The Power of a Pinwheel

A experiment exploring how the power of the wind changes.

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Solar Stormwatch

Help scientists spot solar storms and track them across space to Earth in this great citizen science project.

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Sun Lab

Nine short videos covering the basic science of the Sun and solar storms. Also view up-to-date images from some of NASA's best solar space telescopes.

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Why Aren’t Bird Electrocuted When They Perch On Power Lines?

Birds can sit on power lines that have extremely high voltage, find out how they can do this and survive.

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This is an index page for topics related to power and explains the concept. Click on the bubbles to access the topics.

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Wave power

An overview of different wave power technologies (including the Salter duck, Pelamis and Oscillating Water Column), and a discussion of their economic, social and envionmental implications.

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Turbines, Generators and Power Plants

Find out how electricity is genererated in power plants.

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Pink Noise

Whereas white noise is defined as sound with equal power per Hz in frequency, pink noise is filtered to give equal power per octave or equal power per 1/3 octave.

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About Fusion!

This is what The Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience (IPPEX) is all about! The following pages, are full of information on Fusion and Fusion Power, and will help you dive into the basic ...

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