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Imagine the Universe

News about the latest discoveries using satellites launched by NASA e.g. The Microwave Anisotropy Probe and the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. This is all very up-to-date information on space-based ...

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Stirling silver? - Heat engines

The Stirling Engine is used to cool satellites in space but it's also making a comeback as a potential source of power in remote places.

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British National Space Centre

Site containing information about current satellites launches, solar system and Earth observation. There are links from the 'Learning Zone' to other Space sites

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Space junk could be hunted down by harpoon-firing satellites

This article looks at novel ways of dealing with space junk.

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Frame-dragging by Black Holes

This article reviews the recent work that has proved Einstein's relativistic theory of "Frame-dragging", using observations from X-ray astronomy satellites.

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Jonathan's Space Report

The Space Report is issued about once a week. It describes all space launches, including both piloted missions and automated satellites. Back issues are available online

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Circular Motion and Satellite Motion

In depth site explaining circular motion and how satellites orbit the Earth.

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Global Positioning System

In June of 1993 the last of the 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System was placed into orbit, completing a satellite network capable providing position data to locate you anywhere on Earth ...

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The Untold Story of Getting from Here to There | Time and Navigation

A site from the Smithsonian dedicated to exploring the relationship between time and navigation from how sailors needed accurate clocks to determine their longitude to how satellites navigation ...

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