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Science 4 kids

Site linking agriculture to science, especially for the younger audience. This site has links to more detailed science and research projects.

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The Wizard's Lab

This site uses text graphics and sound to explain motion, sound and waves, light and energy, electricity and magnetism. It explains ideas using analogies, jokes and pretend conversations with famous ...

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TV Screens

This site gives an in depth explanation of how televisions work and how TV screens display images (both colour and black and white). The site also includes information on Liquid Crystal Displays ...

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Hubble Site

A site all about the Hubble space telescope with lots of information, Hubble pictures and some games.

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The world above the water surface, as seen by a fish

A simple, clear site exploring some of the effects of refraction at the water/air boundary. Straightforward site, with clear explanation and neat animations on some links.

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Leonardo da Vinci: A Man of Both Worlds

This site offers the user three levels to view information Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. The site itself covers all aspects of Leonardo's work from his famous paintings to his study of ...

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Star Child

An excellent astronomy site aimed at young children. There is basic information about the Solar System and the Universe and imaginative interactive exercises. A nice site for young children and ...

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The Science of Light - Coloured Spectra

This site introduces the idea that light can be refracted into all the colours of the rainbow. The site uses this idea to introduce the idea of spectrographs used in astronomy.

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YES Mag Projects.

The site has a range of simple science/technology projects, which can be done easily at home, using simple materials. A site with many easy, entertaining projects.

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

A site which contains lots of information about particles and particle accelerators. Lots of information and a good glossary make this site especially good for post-16 research projects.

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Showing 21 - 30 of 754

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