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Gravitational Fields

A good revision page for UK A Level, covers topics such as field strength and shapes, potential energy and escape velocity.

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Niels Henrik David Bohr

Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885 - 1961) was the first to apply the quantum theory to the problem of atomic and molecular structure. For this work he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1911. He ...

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M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings

A discussion of string theory and a new direction called M-theory.

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Magnetic fields due to electric currents

Shows magnetic field patterns for wire, single turn coil and solenoid.

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Everything is made of fields

Particles are actually expressions of fields, as explained by this article and video.

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EField allows users to simulate the motion of charged particles moving under the influence of electric fields. A static magnetic field in the z direction is also allowed .

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Oskar Klein

Oskar Klein (1894 - 1977) was a theoretical physicist whose work contributed to the fields of atomic and molecular physics, quantum mechanics, superconductivity and biochemistry.

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Quantum Computation

A lists of FAQs about quantum computing including information on quantum computers, entanglement and cryptography.

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Photoelectric Effect

The details of this phenomenon were in direct contradiction to the expectations of very well developed classical physics. The explanation marked one of the major steps toward quantum theory.

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Schrodinger's cat

Page detailing the famous Schrodinger's cat thought experiment in quantum theory.

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