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Electron Configurations Java Applet

Chemistry really but shows how electron shells are filled up in atoms

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American Plastics Council

This site will lead users through a thorough and engaging investigation into the chemistry and characteristics of plastics.

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A set of simple interactive calculators for chemistry. The Sheffield ChemPuter is a demonstration of WebStar/AppleEvents/SuperCard for the Macintosh.

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The Wave Theory of Sound

An introduction to the physical principles and applications of acoustics.

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APS Careers and Employment

Job and career advice and listings from the American Physical Society.

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Global warming and greenhouse effect looked at from the physical principle of reflection.

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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, a UK Government funding agency.




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Educate & Explore

This is the National Physical Laboratory education homepage. Very useful for teachers and students.

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The Chemical Potential

Site is one of a series relating to advanced level chemistry and physics topics. Very neat site, with many clear links and references in text.

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Online Conversions and Constants

Choose a physical property or constant and convert to desired units

Visit Online Conversions and Constants



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