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Nuclear Reactor

Ideas involving electricity generation by nuclear energy. Has a reactor simulation and quiz.

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Nuclear Physics: Past, Present and Future

This website takes a comprehensive look at nuclear physics, its applications for energy and warfare, and surrounding political issues.

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The Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

This game puts you in control of a nuclear plant. Your mission is to produce as much electricity as possible whilst avoiding overheating. Requires flash.

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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

NDA homepage - information about nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal.

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Coulomb Barrier

In order to accomplish nuclear fusion, the particles involved must first overcome the electric repulsion to get close enough for the attractive nuclear strong force to take over to fuse the particles.

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FAQ About Nuclear Energy

Notes and views concerning Nuclear Energy by a professor at Stanford University, USA.

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Fusion basics

An introduction to nuclear fusion power, explaining plasma confinement and the use of tokamaks. From JET – Europe's largest nuclear fusion research facility.

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Fusion Energy Educational Website

Uses text and colour images to explain the nuclear fusion process in stars and the current research into achieving controlled nuclear fusion.

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Nuclear Energy - Fission and Fusion

A quick introduction to nuclear energy.

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Nuclear Power Plants around the world

Basic information about the different types of plants and their principle of operation. Comprehensive introductory educational site about all forms of nuclear power.

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