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James Franck

James Franck (1881 - 1964) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1925 along with Gustav Hertz for their discovery of the laws governing the impact of an electron upon an atom.

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Sir Isaac Newton : The Universal Law of Gravitation

Discover the fact and fiction behind the popular story of Newton sitting under an apple tree.

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Willebrod Snell

Willebrod Snell (1580 - 1616) is best known for his discovery of the law of refraction which became the basis of modern geometric optics.

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Max Born

Max Born (1881 - 1970) work, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1954 with Walther Bothe, improved the laws describing the movement of electrons around the nucleus in the centre of ...

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Charles's Law

This shows a worked example of Charles's Law. There is opportunity to try an example before clicking on the answer.

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Wilhelm Wien

Wilhelm Wien (1864 - 1918) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1911 for his discoveries concerning the laws of heat radiation.

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Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal (1613 - 1661) is best known for his work on pressure which came to be known as Pascal's law of pressure. Pascal also invented the first digital calculator to help his father with his ...

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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler (1571 - 1630) is chiefly remembered for discovering the three laws of planetary motion that bear his name. He also did important work in optics, discovered two new regular polyhedra, ...

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George Gabriel Stokes

George Gabriel Stokes (1819 - 1903) is best known for his work in mathematics in particular vector analysis which has a theorem named after him (Stokes Theorem). He is also noted for his work on the ...

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Jeno Pal Wigner

Jenó Pál Wigner (1901 - 1995) Hungarian-born American physicist, joint winner, of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1963. He received the prize for his many contributions to nuclear physics, which ...

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