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The Elegant Universe - String Theory

Related to a TV programme on string theory, contains a lot of fascinating information including interviews and different view points. Also has a good table summarising subatomic particles and some ...

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How Internet Infrastructure Works

A brief description of how Internet Infrastructure works, covering domain name servers, network access points and backbones. From

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Orbit Xplorer

Orbit simulator software for school and college students and teachers. The orbit simulator allows laboratory exercises on gravitational physics, elliptical orbits, double stars, escape velocity, ...

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How cameras work

Explains the optical principles and technology behind cameras (SLR and point-and-shoot) and photography. From

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Physics of Cricket

12 points about cricket examined from a physics perspective.

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The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

A weekly foray into the latest news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view.

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The First Men on the Moon: Apollo 11

Relive the first moon landing from NASA's point of view including images and recordings of what people were saying.

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Pendulum Java Applet

The animation is of a simple pendulum. It's length, the acceleration due to gravity and the starting point of the oscillation can be changed.

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Celestial Sphere

The stars can be imagined to be points of light on a sphere which rotates about the Earth. Projecting the Earth's poles and equator out onto this imaginary sphere provides a framework for celestial ...

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OHMZONE Circuit builder

Create a circuit by dragging components (battery, bulbs, wires, resistors, voltmeter, ammeter) on to a circuit board. You can use the ammeter and voltmeter to check the current and voltage at ...

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