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Spaced Penguin!

Use the GPS (Giant Penguin Slingshot) to launch Kevin the penguin back on to his space ship. A fantastic game to illustrate projectile motion and the effects of gravity.

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Space Beer: One Giant Chug for Mankind

Article about beer made with barley grown in space.

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Weird Weather

If you thought the weather was just sunshine and showers, what do you make of balls of glowing light, showers of frogs, giant lumps of ice that fall from the heavens? This article explains some of ...

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Jupiter Effect

Diagram showing forces of attraction with planet alignment.

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What Colour is the Red Planet, Really?

A blog post looking at how scientist adjust colours of scientific images.

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Explore Mars now

Take a virtual tour of a martian base and discover the technology that might be used to set up camp on the red planet

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When North goes South

Images and animations on how our planet's magnetic poles have flipped in the past, and how they may flip again.

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Visible Earth

A catalogue of satellite images of our home planet detailing everything from atmospheric data to city lights or natural disasters.

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It's Toutatis!

NASA information on Toutatis, an asteroid which passed very close to our planet in 2000.

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