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Allstar Network

History and principles of flight, and careers in aeronautics. Provided at three different levels approximately age 14 to undergraduate. Section for teachers is US-based.

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Aerodynamics in sport

How aerodynamics influence the flight of a boomerang, the shape of a racecar and more.

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The Wright Brothers

Looks at the pioneers of aviation and lots of information about the history of flight . Mainly historical but some useful information on aerofoils.

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Can turbulence actually shake your plane out of the sky?

An explanation of what happens when you encounter turbulence on a flight.

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Frisbee Flight

A quick summary of how a Frisbee flies.

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A beginner's guide to aeronautics

Planes, jet propulsion, wind tunnels, model rockets, hypersonic flight and everything in between are covered in this comprehensive guide from NASA.

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A beginner's guide to kites

This NASA site focuses on the aerodynamics of kite flight, including the kite modeler applet which allows you to test out different designs.

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Beginner's Guide to Rockets

Contains material to show the basic mathematics and physics which govern the design and flight of rockets, and tips on how to build your own model rocket.

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New Horizons mission

News and info on NASA's New Horizons space probe, currently on a 10 year flight to conduct flyby studies of Pluto and its moons in 2015.

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Visual and Remote Sensing Data

VRSD displays rendered satellite images of hurricanes and other natural phenomena created by the Laboratory for Atmospheres at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

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