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Albert Einstein a man in Spacetime

A very detailed site on the works of Albert Einstein including a detailed biography of his life and all aspects of his theory of relativity.

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Albert Einstein

Biography and scientific achievements of Albert Einstein.

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Albert Einstein Quotes

A page of quotes from Albert Einstein arranged according to topic.

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Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein

A list of quotes from Albert Einstein.

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What does E=mc2 mean?

NASA's Ask an astrophysicist tackles the questions about Einstein's equation.

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What is BEC?

What you have heard about Bose-Einstein condensation may makes it sound strange. But what is it really, and how did someone think of it?

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What does E=mc2 actually mean?

This short article from Seed magazine looks at the implications of Einstein''s most famous equation.

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Albert Einstein Online

Links to almost anything you ever wanted to know about the life and works of this famous physicist.

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Galileo and Einstein

A huge resource on these two physicists and the way they revolutionised thinking. With applets and notes.

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Bose-Einstein Condensation

Detailed explanation of BEC. Part of a larger site which includes many definitions and links.

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