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Big Bang Science

Illustrated description of the UK participation in particle physics experiments at CERN, explaining the background of big bang physics.

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CERN ideas: The Standard Model

An introduction to the standard model of particle physics - our current understanding of the nature of matter.

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Grid cafe

All you need to know about Grid computing. Developed at CERN, the Grid making big contributions to scientific research, helping scientists around the world to analyze and store massive amounts of ...

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Particle physics research centre

A site detailing the work of this research group at Queen Mary University of London. Including work at/on CERN, ATLAS,and T2K

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The History of Antimatter

A good site from Cern covering the history of the study of antimatter.

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Google Street View maps out the Large Hadron Collider facility

Google street view has unveiled behind the scenes look at the dectectors and tunnels at CERN.

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Antimatter - Angels & Demons

An introduction to antimatter, how it is made, how it can be trapped, and the truth about antimatter bombs. Part of a wider site by CERN explaining the science behind Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

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The OPAL Detector

A description of the OPAL detector at CERN, and the links to the LEP accelerator. Description of components of the detector obtained by clicking on labels.

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