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Locality and Temporal Asymmetry

The general idea of locality in physics is based on some concept of nearness or proximity, and the assertion that physical effects are transmitted only between suitably "nearby" events.

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Marie Curie and the science of radioactivity

Read the comprehensive story of Marie Curie from her upbringing through to her discoveries and big life events.

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SciZmic Homepage

This is the science discovery clubs network which links together science clubs in the UK and offers advice, activities and events.

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The Royal Institution

This is the Royal Institution's site. It has a lot to explore including games, information and events.

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Mars Team Online

A comprehensive NASA site from the Mars team, including both current and background information, images, puzzles, events, mission statements and a teacher's lounge.

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Probabilities and Velocities

If two events, denoted by A and B, are mutually exclusive and have the individual probabilities P(A) and P(B), then the probability of "A or B" is just the sum of the individual probabilities.

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IceCube neutrino observatory

IceCube, a telescope under construction at the South Pole, will search for neutrinos from the most violent astrophysical sources: events like exploding stars, gamma ray bursts, and cataclysmic ...

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Java Applets for Statistical and Thermal Physics

Provides access to java applets that enable simulations of statistical events to be explored.

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Women of NASA

The women of NASA website was developed to encourage more young women to pursue careers in math, science, and technology. It includes detailed staff profiles, chat and forum facilities, an events ...

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Lake Afton Public Observatory

A site dedicated to the Lake Afton observatory, giving details of events at the observatory and many related links. A good astronomy site!

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