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Basics of magnetism

Introduction to magnetic fields and forces.

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A summary page linking to many concepts relevant to forces.

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Jupiter Effect

Diagram showing forces of attraction with planet alignment.

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Energy, Forces and Motion

A very good overview of these areas at GCSE level.

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Gecko tape

This page describes van der waals forces, and how we have tried to copy geckos.


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Forces of Nature

Get to know your natural disasters with these interactive explanations of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

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How do airplanes fly?

This colourful NASA slideshow explains the forces acting on a plane in a clear way with diagrams.

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Forces and Motion

A collection of interesting experiments dealing with friction, rockets and aerodynamics, illustrating Newton's laws.

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Newton's Third Law

Newton's Third law: All forces in the universe occur in equal but oppositely directed pairs.

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Furniture held together by tension alone

A beautiful look at how the balance of forces can make furniture without screws or glue.

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