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Dirac's Free Particle Equation

A mathematical treatment of Dirac's equation

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Thin Lens Equation

A common Gaussian form of the lens equation is shown on this page. This is the form used in most introductory textbooks.

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Line Equation

the equation of a straight line can be defined as y=mx+c

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Newton's Law of Cooling

Definition and equations.

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Free-Fall Equations

The maths behind this concept.

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Fresnel Equations

A mathematical description relating to refraction.

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Newton's Second Law

Brief definition and equation.

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What is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle?

An explainer about one of the fundamental equations behind quantum mechanics.

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GCSE Physics: Equations

A good clear page to help you learn the basic formulae.

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Schwarzschild Radius

Brief definition and equation for this quantity.

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