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Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics

Part one of a four part series on the fundamental forces (or interactions) of physics begins with the strong force or strong interaction - which on the small scale holds quarks together to form ...

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Halloween Sounds - Screaming Cup

A simple experiment to do on sound. All you need is a large plastic cup, piece of string and some water.

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Quasars have large red shifts, indicative of great distance from the earth, but have variability with periods of weeks or months which indicate that they are small.

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Sound Waves

A very comprehensive resource covering a large range of wave topics, includes excellent animations and diagrams.

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Jack's Page

Java animations for a large number of wave associated physics and mathematical phenomena complete with the source codes themselves and relevant technical explanations

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Think Quest / Physics

Very large physics database. Self help question / answer chat room.

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How Ejection Seats Work

Ejection from an aircraft can place the human body under large forces, this is an explanation of these.

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Potato Straw - Physics to go

An experiment from our Physics To Go series about momentum and surface area. All you need is straws and a large baking potatoes.

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NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory

Excellent, and large, collection of Physics-related Java Applets which simulate many physical processes, as well as a forum.

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Detect The Jupiter Like Planet Around Three Stars

Details of how large planets have been detected around three other solar type stars. Understanding Doppler wobble aided by an exercise.

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