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Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.

Allows you to perform gas law experiments including density / molecular weight variations. A very good site for demonstrating variables in the gas laws.

Visit Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.



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A general explanation of the mechanical equivalent of heat and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, text only.

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Applied thermodynamics

Describes the laws of thermodynamics, and applications such as gas turbines and air conditioning with definitions of related terms.

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The physics of Judo.

Discusses Newton's laws of motion and concepts of gravity in terms of judo principles.

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Revision guide for UK A Level covering forces, including newton's laws, friction, terminal velocity, etc

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Kepler motion

Animation to illustrate Kepler's three laws

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Submarines: How They Work

. In order to travel underwater, submarines must function in agreement with some key laws of nature, including Archimedes' Principle and Boyle's law.

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Temperature and Thermal Properties

Good revision guide aimed at UK A level standard, covers topics such as temperature scales, heat capacity, gas laws etc.

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This device was one of the most amusing failures in physics

Tthe Feynman-Smoluchowski Rachet, also known as the Brownian Ratchet, was an early attempt at defying the laws of thermodynamics and achieving perpetual motion. It failed, but it was an entertaining ...

Visit This device was one of the most amusing failures in physics



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Thermodynamics is the branch of science that studies the transformation of energy from one form to another, including explanation of its laws. This site introduces the basics of thermodynamics.

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