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Build a solar system

Have a go at creating your own solar system with this fun game. Needs flash.

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Solar Storms

A good article about solar storms and its effect on the Earth

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Solar System Scope

A 3D model solar system that works in your browser.

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Our Solar System

Appealing site with basic information about the solar system.

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Listen as Solar Flare Engulfs Radio Waves

Listen the sound a solar flare makes and other read answers to questions on space weather.

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Solar Energy Technology

Photovoltaic (or PV) cells convert light energy into electricity. This site looks at the development of photovoltaics as a domestic and industrial source of energy, including some quite detailed ...

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The Nine Planets

Extensive overview of our solar system, covering history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of planets, moons, asteroids in our solar system, with many links.

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Interactive Map of the Universe

A very graphic site with short details about the Earth and solar system with pictures starting at Earth diameter and moving away to the edge of the solar system and finally to the local group of ...

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Solar eclipse

An animation (with explanation) of the sun, moon and the earth, showing the arrangement during a solar eclipse , plus a synchronized view from earth.

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The Patent for the First Practical Solar Cell

A look at the history of the solar power cell including an annotated explanation of the original patent.

Visit The Patent for the First Practical Solar Cell



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Showing 21 - 30 of 113

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