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Dennis Gabor

Dennis Gabor (1900 - 1971) work led to the development of a number of devices including: a holographic microscope, an analogue computer, a flat thin colour television tube, and a new type of ...

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How Nuclear Medicine Works

A brief description of how Nuclear Medicine works. The pages address broad areas of medical use of radiation: PET, MRI scanners, SPECT, cardiovascular and bone scanning, treatment, radiation therapy.

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Autobiography of Ernst Ruska

Ernst Ruska (1906 - 1988) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1986 for his fundamental work in electron optics, and for the design of the first electron microscope.

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Frits Zernike

Frits Zernike, Groningen (1888 - 1966) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1953 for the phase-contrast method devised by him, and particularly for his invention of the phase-contrast microscope.

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