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Hyperphysics - Radioactive Dating

Use of Carbon dating and description of isotopes, nuclear force etc with good links to more info

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The ABC of Nuclear Science

A well presented and comprehensive introduction to nuclear science. Nuclear structure, Antimatter, decay, Cosmic rays, etc. Excellent graphics

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National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory

Uses of radioactive beams generated by the cyclotron are given, as is a point and click diagram of the NSCL facility which gives further information. A graph showing Isotopes made is provided.

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Hyperphysics - Electron Capture

Description of radioactive process of electron capture with good links to other sites.

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Radioactive dose

How does ionising radiation affect people, what risks arise from radiation exposure, and how can such risks be minimised? These question and more are addressed on this excellent site all about ...

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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

NDA homepage - information about nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal.

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Cold War Nuclear Tests Could Help Us to Foil Poachers

Left over radioactive C14 from nuclear weapon testing in the cold ward is helping carbon dating of elephant tusks and hippo teeth.

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The Andrei Sakharov Foundation

Andrei Sakharov (1911 - 1989) universally known as the father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. In 1957 his concern with the radioactive hazards of nuclear testing inspired him to write a pioneering ...

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Pavel Aleksojevic Cerenkov

Noble laureate Pavel Aleksojevic Cerenkov (1904 - 1990) observed the emission of blue light from a bottle of water subjected to radioactive bombardment - the Cerenkov effect.

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