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Osborne Reynolds

Osborne Reynolds (1841 - 1911) early work was on magnetism and electricity but he soon concentrated on hydraulics and hydrodynamics.

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Physics Lecture Demonstrations

From Berkeley University. Descriptive plates of various physics demonstrations in mechanics, heat, electricity, magnetism optics, astronomy.

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Maxwell's Equations

Maxwell's equations represent one of the most elegant and concise ways to state the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism. From them one can develop most of the working relationships in the field.

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Magnetism demonstrations

This site gives details of a series of demonstrations, giving details of the set-up used and the safety hazards

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Light and Matter

A set of introductory physics textbooks that can be downloaded free covering Newtonian Physics, Conservation Laws, Vibrations and Waves, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern physics and general ...

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Physics Problems

Physics problems and solutions (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics)

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The Wizard's Lab

This site uses text graphics and sound to explain motion, sound and waves, light and energy, electricity and magnetism. It explains ideas using analogies, jokes and pretend conversations with famous ...

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Andre Marie Ampere

Andre Marie Ampere's (1775 - 1836) theory of the electrodynamic force became fundamental for developments in electricity and magnetism.

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Magnetism and the San Francisco Bay area

An exploration of the earth's magnetic field and the links between magnetic anomalies and the geology of the San Francisco Bay area.

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Pieter Zeeman

Pieter Zeeman (1856 - 1943) principal work was the study of magnetism on the nature of light radiation. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901 along with Hendrik Antoon Lorentz for their ...

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