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Light and optics

This site gives an overview of the physics of light through a series of links to relevant articles.

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Measuring Light

How do you measure light levels? A really good introduction to the candela from the National Physical Laboratory.

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Refraction of Light

This site aims to further our understanding of light and the rainbow.

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Scattering of light

How light is scattered in the atmosphere, explained simply.

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A multimedia site covering all things to do with light and sight

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Coherent Light

Coherence is one of the unique properties of laser light. It arises from the stimulated emission process which provides the amplification.

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Refraction and the Ray Model of Light

Useful information driven site which provides details on how light is refracted (including total internal reflection).

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Polarization of light

This wave diagram shows how an incident beam of white light is polarised using filters. Includes a thorough description.

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Let There Be Light!

A resource that links to many sites about light and colour

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How Solar Yard Lights Work

A brief description of how Solar Yard Lamps work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's A good, understandable site.

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Showing 21 - 30 of 240