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Phase transition temperatures Java Applet

Shows states of different elements at different temperatures

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A determinant is a square array of elements with a prescribed evaluation rule

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A NASA page about nucleosynthesis: the formation of elements inside stars.

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What is the universe made of?

A video about how all the elements were made inside stars.

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Introduction to what sound is

A few pages that have interactive elements to demonstrate what sound is.

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Periodic Table

A periodic table with a database of element x-ray properties including edge energy, edge yield and fluorescent jumps

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The sites offers information about the constitution of matter including elements, nuclides and fundamental particles. Also includes comprehensive list of formulae and online unit converters.

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How Tire Pressure Gauges Work

A brief description of how Tyre Pressure Gauges work from, with an interactive element to it.

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Henry Moseley

A British chemist who studied under Rutherford and brilliantly developed the application of X-ray spectra to study atomic structure; his discoveries resulted in a more accurate positioning of ...

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The Periodic Table

In 1869, a Russian chemist named Dmitri Mendeleev came up with a way of organizing the elements that were known at the time. He set them out in order of atomic weight, and then grouped them into rows ...

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