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Explorations in Science

Commercial site which promotes the work of Dr Michio Kaku, the co-founder of String Theory. Includes .pdf downloads, a forum and information relating to string theory.

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Maxwell and the Electrodynamic Theory of Light

This site covers Maxwell's theory of electrodynamics and his modification of existing laws which lead to a remarkable prediction: the existence of electromagnetic waves.

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Band Theory, Solids

An introduction to band theory with links to related topics.

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The Elegant Universe - String Theory

Related to a TV programme on string theory, contains a lot of fascinating information including interviews and different view points. Also has a good table summarising subatomic particles and some ...

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Big Bang Theory

This site gives a history of the development of the Big Bang theory of cosmology

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A very detailed site containing many of the concepts and theories surrounding physics and applied mathematics. All the information is presented in text form with lots of equations!

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Luxon Theory - Energy

Mathematical derivation of the law of conservation of energy using the luxon theory - particles with light velocity.

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How Quantum Field Theory Becomes "Effective"

A very advanced description of quantum field theory and how Ken Wilson helped make sense of answers from quantum electrodynamics using renormalisation.

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The Buzz About Antimatter

The prevailing theories about the early universe predict the creation of equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the big bang. This website provides further information.

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An Introduction to Solid State Many-Body Theory

Aims not to cover the details of many-body theory or solid state physics, but to introduce some basic concepts in both fields at a level suitable for a general audience.

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